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Bogen “52 Questions & Answers for Singles” af Fred L. Hodge;Linda G. Hodge

52 Questions & Answers for Singles

af Fred L. Hodge; Linda G. Hodge

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Bogtype: E-bog, Udgivelsesår: 2015, Udgave: 1

Knowledge Power Books / ISBN 9780997662269


52 Questions & Answers for Singles will assist in your approach in successfully determining Mr. & Mrs. Right. The hard questions must be addressed and explored in considering a mate. When you know where you want to go, a map must be designed to reach the destination. This book serves as your map for reaching your destination,
safe and sound. Fortunately, there is always a criterion that must be measured prior to entering a possible relationship. Human nature has a tendency to gravitate toward what “looks” good despite what is necessarily
advantageous for them. There is a multitude of unseen realities that is either ignored or justified by our need for attachments. These questions and answers are designed to heighten your vigilant introspection of sound judgment. So, what can you expect from reading this book? You can expect to have a pivotal change in your life as you
navigate through these pages. Therefore, you will become more aware of the pitfalls hindering your thought process, and the choices you have made in your past. And, finally, self-awareness will begin to immerse
from the depth of your soul. Buckle up, and enjoy your ride to a safe, secure landing!