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Bogen “A Rampage of Grace” af Anne-Marie Alexander

A Rampage of Grace

af Anne-Marie Alexander

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Bogtype: E-bog, Udgivelsesår: 2015, Udgave: 1

Sunesis Ministries Ltd / ISBN 9780993006548


When Laurie stood at the doors of St Mungo’s, her expectations were high because she was about to step into her dream – marriage to Ben. Little did she anticipate the twists and turns that her dream would take her on. Thank goodness she had her outlandish, hippy mother to advise her along the way! With such unsound counsel and unrealistic expectations, what could possibly go wrong?

A Rampage of Grace unravels the charming, witty and thought-provoking journey of Laurie as she wrestles with the highs and lows of sharing her life with Ben, friends, family and neighbours.