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Bogen “Haunted Skies: Volume 7” af John Hanson;Dawn Marina Holloway; Bogen “Haunted Skies Volume 7” af John Hanson;Dawn Marina Holloway

Haunted Skies: Volume 7

af John Hanson; Dawn Marina Holloway

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Bogtype: Paperback, Udgivelsesår: 2013

Haunted Skies Publishing / ISBN 9780957494404


Forhandlere af bogen “Haunted Skies Volume 7”

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Bogtype: E-bog, Udgivelsesår: 2015, Udgave: 1

haunted skies publishing / ISBN 9780957494466

Beskrivelse: Haunted Skies Publishing 2012 Haunted Skies is the most ambitious series of books ever attempted in the history of UFO research. They provide a new benchmark in the quality of such publications, despite ridicule and scepticism constantly aimed at the subject by those who claim there is very little evidence of its existence. This Volume of Haunted Skies covers UFO reports from 1978-1979 and is the seventh in a ground-breaking series written and now published by former West Midlands Police Officer John Hanson, and partner Dawn Holloway. "We were astonished at the number of reported UFO sightings covering this period. However, rather than condensing the information to fit into the standard number of pages found in previous editions of Haunted Skies, we decided to include all of the sightings, believing it was far too important not to. The information contained in this and previous Volumes represents the reality of what has taken place in and around the skies of Great Britain, very little of which will be found in declassified MOD files.The evidence speaks for itself."