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Bogen “The Great Chasm” af Derek W. Engdahl Bogen “The Great Chasm” af Derek W Engdahl;

The Great Chasm

af Derek W Engdahl

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Bogtype: E-bog, Udgivelsesår: 2015, Udgave: 1

Servant Partners Press / ISBN 9780692514962


Derek W. Engdahl invites us to walk with him through two chapters of the Gospel of Luke which speak profoundly about our need to be in restored relationships with our poor brothers and sisters, and so be freed from wealth's deadening grasp upon our lives. In Luke 15 and 16, we meet a prodigal son, a shrewd manager, a rich man, and a poor beggar named Lazarus; and in these pages, we also encounter ourselves. Engdahl's experience of journeying with the poor over the past seventeen years provides him with a host of stories that illustrate this is not just an intellectual or theological exercise. How we relate to the poor and how we choose to use our wealth are fundamental discipleship questions for any who would follow Jesus-through the narrow gate-into abundant life.

Forhandlere af bogen “The Great Chasm”

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Bogtype: Paperback, Udgivelsesår: 2015

Servant Partners Press / ISBN 9781938633256